Monthly Website Maintenance

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

WordPress Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Our WordPress monthly website maintenance packages provide your small to medium size business peace of  mind when it comes to critical components of your business website. NetMonkeys specifically designed these packages based on our most popular customer requests for these services.

Our primary goal is to keep your website up-to-date and secure. These WordPress monthly website maintenance packages were created to offer premium services. And at affordable monthly package prices. You can count on the NetMonkeys team to keep your WordPress business website up-to-date. Also backed up and secured from threats and many vulnerabilities!

Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Don’t fall victim to a HACKED website!

Hackers cruise the web non-stop and their software scripts look for website vulnerabilities. And they’re not just from here in the US, but from all developed countries around the world.  US websites are a favorite target for them. Monthly Website MaintenanceIf you’re not prepared, you can fall victim to a hack. And it could cost you quite a bit in man hours and possible loss of revenue before you recover your website. You can sleep better knowing we have safeguards in place that won’t make your website such an easy target.  

Receive regular updates and backups.

Your target audience needs to see a company website that is current in content and software updates and one that reflects your brand and conveys your marketing message. Regular monthly website maintenance can assure your website visitors always see your company and its offerings as you would expect.

And if something unexpected were to happen, we’ll have a backup to restore your website to where it was before the problem, like it never even happened! Need your website moved/migrated from your current web hosting company? We can do that too!

Website Maintenance Backups

Choose from the monthly maintenance plans below, or contact us to discuss a custom plan, with a mix of different services tailored to your specific needs.

ALL of our services are guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations! No contracts, cancel at any time!


Just need a quick website fix and not a maintenance plan? We can do that too! CLICK HERE.